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Low yields Have Winemakers Worried


Vignerons in the south-eastern corner of Australia will be having nightmares about balance sheets with red figures, following a painfully small 2014 harvest.

Yields are down to one-third or even one-quarter of a normal harvest on the Mornington Peninsula. Tod Dexter, whose vineyard supplies fruit for Stonier as well as his own Dexter brand (tastings), usually picks 40 to 50 tonnes of grapes; this year: 11. Others in southern Victoria report being down by a half, with the Yarra Valley hit almost as hard as Mornington.

Bad weather at flowering was the main problem. Tasmania has similar woes: Pipers Brook Vineyard (tastings) is down about 25% due to rain at the wrong time. Some Rutherglen vineyards are down by 10 to 20%. South Australia is also having a reduced vintage: the same cold, wet and windy weather swept through the south-eastern corner of the continent and seems to have interrupted flowering and fruit-set throughout South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

On the positive side, 2012 and 2013 were quite prolific. Vignerons will simply have to make their ‘13s last for 18 months instead of 12.

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Pipers Brook founder pops up with two new labels: Apogee and Alto

Tasmanian winemaker Dr Andrew Pirie, who founded Pipers Brook Vineyard (HuonHooke.com/winery/1104) more than 30 years ago, has popped up again with two new labels: Apogee and Alto. Pirie believes his new vineyard, 30 minutes north of Launceston, represents the culmination of the experience and knowledge he has acquired during his 40 years of selecting and developing vineyard sites and building brands in Tasmania. Pirie says the temperature regime is very cool and similar to Champagne, although pinot gris also ripens to table-wine specifications.

“After many years of running large vineyards I am back to pruning, driving the tractor and tending the vines,” he says. “Growing vines was always my favourite pursuit and it is great to be back hands-on. This is my sixth vineyard in Tasmania and it has all the hallmarks of a very great site!” Pirie will release his first Apogee vintage sparkling wine and Alto pinot gris table wine in October. All wines are 100 per cent estate-grown. Total output will be capped at 1500 cases. 

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